Use Instamizer to save time and increase productivity.

The Instamizer was developed for social media and digital marketing professionals looking for an easier and more efficient way to manage their profiles on Instagram.

Maximize your presence on Instagram

Talk to your audience whenever you want, not only during business hours.

Edits images

Use our online editing tools to give your final touch image before publishing or scheduling.

Secure Platform

We use communication protocols and data encryption to ensure everything goes as planned.

Specialized Support

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our support team is ready for action whenever you need.

Constant updates

We had an idea of ​​how can we improve? Every month we update the platform based on the feedback we receive from customers.

Be collaborative

Manage, and share account as you prefer! Share specific profiles with teammates and split up the work without sharing passwords.

Plans and Prices



  • 1 Instagram Profile
  • 8 Posts / month
  • Schedule Posts


,90 30 Days
  • 2 Instagram Profile
  • Unlimited posts
  • Schedule Posts


,90 30 Days
  • 10 Instagram Profile
  • Unlimited posts
  • Schedule Posts


,90 30 Days
  • 25 Instagram Profile
  • Unlimited posts
  • Schedule Posts

Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

We have created a scheduling service that uses Androids devices up to date with the latest version of Instagram application, thats how we post on Instagram.

What your relationship with Instagram?

We do not have one. We try to be very clear on this point, Instamizer is not a service created or recognized by Instagram or Facebook.

The company behind Instamizer is not related to Instagram in any official ways altough we offer a very trustable 24/7 publishing and scheduling service, facilitating the use of Instagram by agencies and businesses.

How long can I use the free plan?

The free plan has no time limit but you can only perform up to 8 posts each month. Your credits are reseted every 1st of each month.

My schedulings did not work. What now?

It’s possible that Instagram asks for a user's security confirmation to confirm your identity. This is part of Instagram natural behavior and may occur when you buy a new phone or logs on friend’s phone for example. Instamizer is no exception and may trigger these alerts when trying to publish.

In this case, simply log-in on Instagram via the mobile device that you commonly use and confirm the identity, Instamizer’s function will behave normally after this procedure.

If by any means an error persists, please contact us via support.